The Vilnius City Municipality that has cars in both its central office as well as in individual neighborhoods, can view all of its cars in one system. City municipalities are great examples of agencies that can centralize fleet management and data collection to free up their resources, optimize workflow, and oversee the use of cars more transparently.

Fleet efficiency

Operating costs are a significant concern for both public and private companies. Therefore, it is vital for company drivers to carefully account for mileage, ensure safe driving, provide timely servicing reminders, and have a universal tool for providing information regarding cars in the fleet. We know from experience that using a transportation control solution reduces operating costs by lowering the number of unnecessary kilometres driven, which also results in a significant amount of time saved. Timely maintenance and planned servicing intervals can additionally result in savings by reducing repair costs and extending the life of various parts.

Quality improvement

Maintaining quality and ensuring the smooth sharing of cars within a shared fleet can be achieved through the targeted allocation of resources. Since car occupancy is readily available from an analysis of data collected through Fleet Complete, vehicles can be distributed where and when they are needed.

Meeting mobility needs with appropriate solutions can also make a vast difference in a company’s bottom line. For example, electric cars could be provided for shorter distances or the number of cars available could be adjusted according to peak times or seasonality. A clear overview of a fleet’s employment is extremely useful in resource planning; it can ensure the most productive use of an institution’s cars and cater to the needs of individual departments.

“Municipal employees quickly began to enjoy the benefits of this program. Now, we can provide services to residents and get to essential points in the city faster, more conveniently, and, most importantly, at lower costs.  The system’s insights and functions are a big plus. There is no need to order transport services through other service providers. Everything can be done in the app, which saves staff time. We all win!” Povilas Poderskis, the capital’s Director of Municipal Administration.



 Environmental factors

To follow an environmental policy, the Vilnius City Municipality Administration sought to transparently assess the environmental impact of its own fleet. With an advanced transportation control solution, car operation overview becomes an automated process and data is available in real-time.

With Fleet Complete, you can control engine idling, CO2 emissions, driving style and route optimization. These factors can directly influence and change behaviors in a manner that promotes a reduction in environmental impact.

These are just a small portion of benefits that Fleet Complete has brought to insightful states and budgetary institutions that were looking to optimize their fleet operations.


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“We are convinced that other Lithuanian municipalities will be inclined to follow in the footsteps of the Vilnius City Municipality, thus ensuring more efficient operations and lower costs’”

Vilnius City Municipality Administration



«In our experience, companies save at least 10% in the first year of service use, and at least 2–3% annually thereafter»

Dainius Kerevičius, Ecofleet Lithuania Project Manager

  • Keep control of engine idling, CO2 emissions, driving style and route optimization
  • Changing driving behaviors promotes reduction on environmental impact
  • Get to essential points in the city faster, more conveniently, and at lower costs
  • Everything can be done in the app

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