About Fleet Complete

Helping fleets thrive

We are on a mission to bring transformative solutions to any fleet-owning business – big or small.

At Fleet Complete, we focus on challenges our customers face every day to give them access to a connected mobility platform that suits their needs best. Whether it’s vehicles, mobile workers, cargo, stationary assets, or all of the above, we help you connect to it all.

Our vision is to connect everything, everywhere, bringing our global customers the best solutions on the market. This is why we continue to innovate in the field, developing meaningful partnerships and third-party integrations for your optimal user experience.

We work with original equipment manufacturers, as well as large telecom companies to make sure that you are always in the best hands.

There is a reason why we’re the fastest-growing telematics provider in the world – We are trusted by tens of thousands of clients around the globe to help their fleets thrive.

Our people

Our CEO Tony Lourakis, is a Greek entrepreneur who started his business 20 years ago in Toronto, Canada.

Around April 2019 the company opened a branch in Athens, Greece, as part of its global expansion.

Fleet Complete is partnering with COSMOTE the biggest telecommunications provider in Greece to help fleets thrive.

The Greek company consists of around 30-35 people and we keep on growing!
Our departments consist of Sales, Marketing, Finance, Hardware, Human Resources, Customer Success, Fulfillment & Dispatch and Technical Support.

Read an interview of our CEO, Mr Tony Lourakis, here





At Fleet Complete, we are a team of dedicated, innovative and passionate people, driven to succeed. Our fun-loving entrepreneurial spirit and the synergy of talented individuals provide the perfect environment for fast growth and new opportunities.



Our customers are the heart and soul of everything we do. From product development to user experience to customer support, we strive to deliver the best. Our goal is to help businesses succeed by removing clutter, adding efficiency and creating a higher revenue stream.



As a provider of telematics and Internet of Things, we ensure that our customers get the reliability of a large mobile carrier with a secure national network. This is why we enter exclusive partnerships with leading telecommunications providers in the region.



Combining the best talent with our commitment to innovation and quality makes us highly productive in everything we do. Doing things smarter, not harder, and performing at our peak is always top of mind as we go about our day.



We know that our clients trust us with mission-critical aspects of their businesses, and that’s why we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality in both our products and our customer service.



At Fleet Complete, we have a strong commitment to helping those in need and to improving our community. From sponsorship to fundraisers to company-wide charity events, we are always on the lookout for ways to give back.



Innovation is at the heart of our organization. We owe a large part of our success and continuous growth to the big and small ideas that we bring to life every day. From innovative products and processes, to setting new standards and implementing the best practices, our people are always coming up with better ways to do things.

Meet Matt

Matt is an honest, trustworthy and hard-working person. An intuitive problem solver, his passion for efficiency serves him well, whether it is a professional or personal matter.

His mantra to ‘always help the person in need’ has allowed him to excel at his job and thrive in his personal life.

Matt always goes the extra mile, and never shies away from getting his hands dirty. Besides his ‘get the job done’ attitude, Matt is also one of those faces in the office that clients remember.


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