Fleet Complete Cycling Academy

Fleet Complete, in a joint venture with SEG Racing Academy in the Netherlands, launched the Fleet Complete Cycling Academy based in Loutraki, Greece. The launch of this new youth initiative will help inspire, develop and strengthen the future of young Greek cyclists.

Training program in Loutraki, Greece

Fleet Complete has set up a cycling academy in Greece together with SEG Racing Academy. A place where young talent is given the opportunity to pursue dreams and become part of the top. This new initiative will provide a unique opportunity to young Greek athletes, aspiring to be successful in the Classics or Grand Tours

The academy’s training grounds are located in Loutraki, the region of Corinth in Greece. It will provide young Greek riders with a high-standard training venue, outfitted for professional cycling in Europe and preparing the athletes of tomorrow with the right education. “Many young athletes show great talent in cycling, but might never manage to move to the next stage because they are unable to compete internationally,” adds Lourakis. “Unless you have the opportunity to participate in an international race, it is very difficult to assess the needs of a professional cyclist. Fleet Complete Cycling Academy will provide young Greek athletes with the right professional support and the proper framework to compete on an international scale.”

Four riders are currently selected for the Fleet Complete Cycling Academy. This four-person training team is being prepared for participation in international races. In addition, the team will continue to look for new talent and is expected to expand the team in 2020.

Aspiring candidates can now apply through the academy website.

News about Fleet Complete Cycling Academy

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