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Is Fleet Tracker service offered with contract?

Fleet Tracker service is provided with a discount on the monthly fee and a subsidy for the installation and / or the configuration of the equipment, with a 24-month stay in the service. In case of early termination, any fees and depreciation of the subsidy will be paid for the installation and / or customization of the equipment.

Is the GPS device compatible with my vehicle?

Fleet Tracker service is available with three different devices to meet the needs and technologies of the majority of vehicles. From implementation through OBD II port (Fleet Tracker Basic), installation of the telematics device (Fleet Tracker Standard) till the connections with the CAN BUS of the vehicle (Fleet Tracker Advanced), the telematics device of Fleet Tracker service is compatible with the number of vehicles depending on the brand, model and the date of first registration.

Where is the OBD II port located on my vehicle?

The telematics device of Fleet Tracker Basic service is installed on the OBD II port which is usually located under the dashboard, on the left side of the wheel or on the main console near the gear shift. The OBD II port is located on vehicles cars including vans.

How is the installation implemented for the Fleet Tracker Basic program?

The installation is implemented by the subscriber himself via the special OBD II port. When the device will be successfully installed, its lights will be flashing. Moreover, the device will be visible on the administration portal.

How is the installation implemented for the programs Fleet Tracker Standard and Fleet Tracker Advanced?

The installation for the rest of the services is implemented by a certified installer within seven working days from the shipment of the device to the customer, in a scheduled time according to the vehicles’ availability.

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Is there any warranty on the equipment?

A 24-month warranty is provided directly through the partner for the equipment, as long as the subscriber remains active in the service.

Are there any additional installation costs for the end customer?

The monthly service fee includes:
a) equipment cost,
b) data roaming in Greece and abroad and
c) installation and configuration of the equipment.
In case additional services are required such as integration with the customer’s IT systems, more accessories like temperature sensors, driver identification etc, additional costs are applied.

How will I know my login details?

You will receive an email after registration and activation of the Mobile Application in the Fleet Tracker programs are completed.

Where can I see information of my fleet?

In the administration portal https://cosmote.fleetcomplete.gr/ or by downloading the Fleet Complete app for Android (5.0 or later) or iOS (iOS 11 or later).