Keeping Fleets Safe

“Being able to monitor the way our drivers are behaving on the road has helped us ensure their safety, as well as the safety of people in our communities, which is extremely important to us.” 

Jack Reckewell
Operations Manager at L&L Oilfield

Safety matters!

People’s safety is paramount. But staying safe also means protecting your vehicles and assets from accidents and theft. Even if nobody gets hurt, accidents can hurt your bottom line, not to mention your reputation.

is safer

A 5% increase in average speed
leads to approximately a 20%
increase in fatal crashes.

€1 invested
€3-10 saved

For every €1 invested in workplace safety, employers realize €3 to €10 in cost savings.

lives lost

Road traffic accidents claimed 22.800 European lives in 2019.

Grüner Transporter fährt durch den Wald

Stay safe on the road

Grüner Transporter fährt durch den Wald

Keep track of your assets

Grüner Transporter fährt durch den Wald

Protect your people


Stay safe on the road

Cut down on accidents by spotting potentially risky driving in real-time with GPS tracking. Know where your vehicles are, when they reached their destination, how they got there, and how fast.


The keys to a safer fleet are insights and training. Fleet Complete gives you all the insights your business needs to build tailored driver training programs. Learn more about the steps you can take to plan and budget for a safer fleet into the next decade.

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6 ways to improve fleet safety in 2021

Fleet safety is, quite literally, a matter of life and death, and for a fleet manager it should be the first priority. Here are 6 ways fleet managers can own and improve their fleet’s safety in 2021.

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What is the actual cost of a fleet accident?

When it comes to the cost of fleet accidents, repairs and insurance excess, are very often just the tip of the iceberg. This article takes a deep dive to explore the hidden expenses, lurking beneath the surface and waiting to trip up your budgets and planning.

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Keep track of your assets

A stolen vehicle or missing equipment are every fleet manager’s worst nightmare. Not only will you have to spend time making insurance claims and dealing with authorities – you also have to deal with unexpected downtime and lost revenue.

Luckily, Fleet Complete is here to help. Learn how to create a fleet asset theft plan, so you can make sure your business is prepared for the worst.

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How to create a fleet asset theft plan

When stress is sky-high, decisions tend to be rushed. That’s why proactive managers have a fleet asset theft plan in place—so if something does go wrong, they have a framework to help them get things back on track fast. Here’s how to create an asset theft plan that will keep your business moving.

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How your GPS can act as a stolen vehicle recovery device

As a fleet manager, you know that commercial vehicles and their freight are valuable—but so do thieves, who are becoming ever-more creative in their attempts to steal them.

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“Driver safety is a very important aspect of our business. Fleet Complete helps us by providing us the technology needed, when it comes to vehicle maintenance scheduled maintenance, so we can make sure we comply with all required maintenance for each of our vehicles.”

Lino Cardoso, CEO

Anglia Steel

“Our immediate ROI with Fleet Complete has been huge. In the past, we may not have even found lost vehicles for months which would have cost us around $160,000 to replace.” 

Terence Schofield, Safety Officer 


“The security and safety of our students and our police force is paramount to us. As a result, we were looking for a system that would allow us to see where everyone was at all times, in case a bus was taken or we had an emergency.” 

Adam Galvan Jr.



Keep an eye out for your staff

Keeping your team safe isn’t just about road safety, vehicle maintenance, and driving behaviour Fleet Complete also gives peace of mind to businesses with remote or exposed workerssecurity companies monitoring construction sites or patrolling industrial facilities at night. Or cleaning, maintenance, and service organizations who have staff working around the clock in empty offices or remote facilities.  

For these employees, Fleet Complete’s GPS-tracking solutions add an additional layer of safety, by being their always-on, eyeinthesky. No more missed check calls or wasted welfare visits.  If you want to talk to someone about keeping your remote employees safe, get in touch. 

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