FIMA is a leading smart infrastructure solutions company in the Baltic region, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania involved in major public and private infrastructure modernization projects for nearly 30 years. The company applies modern and innovative technologies in its own operations. One of them is the Fleet Complete solution, which not only helps manage their road car fleet but also rail cars!

FIMA cars,equipped with the Fleet Complete solution generate automated trip sheets for their vehicle usage reports

 ‘’We install security systems at the state border, maintain security systems at the objects of the electricity transmission network, carry out railway infrastructure modernization works, etc. This means that our engineers, project managers and supervisors often have to be behind the wheel,” says Mr Justinas Grigaliūnas, Director of the FIMA Service Center.

A number of employees dreamed of how it would be good if the trip sheets could fill in themselves. Now this dream has become a reality: FIMA cars are equipped with the Fleet Complete solution enabling to generate automated trip sheets for their vehicle usage reports.

“We have installed the system on over 100 vehicles. It automatically collects data on mileage, itineraries, and fuel tank balance. Comparing it with the data collected by gas stations on the fuel purchased, it’s possible to achieve efficient use of the company’s resources,” says Justinas Grigaliūnas, commenting on the advantages of the new solution.

Fleet Complete solution helps track location of rail cars

FIMA has applied Fleet Complete solutions not only for the fleet management, but also for tracking of rail cars. Such a need arose after the implementation of a project with AB Lietuvos Geležinkeliai, the state owned company. To carry out and supervise the works, a rail vehicle had to be purchased. Later, it became necessary to track it, so Fleet Complete was approached again. Before that, such solutions were used only in road cars, and this is the first case of their application to rail cars.

According to Justinas Grigaliūnas, this system may only be the beginning of cooperation with the Fleet Complete company. In order to further enhance FIMA operational efficiency, integration of the Fleet Complete system into the FIMA existing resource and work planning systems is under consideration.

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“FIMA purchases our service through an operating lease company together with car rental services. We believe that such an option is convenient for the company, because it receives invoices from a single source, together with the car leasing and maintenance services. This is the result of a tripartite agreement between Fleet Complete, the operating lease company and FIMA”. 

Tomas Stonys, Fleet Complete Sales Projects Manager

  • FIMA optimized its processes and saved time previously wasted, with the Fleet Complete System
  • FIMA has applied Fleet Complete solutions for both fleet management & tracking of rail cars

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