Yummy Catering is a young, vibrant business that delivers healthy, nutritious, home-style meals to daycare centres. Their kitchen starts at 3-4 am and the drivers are ready to pick up the meals for delivery by 7 am. To deliver to daycare centres on time every time, Yummy staff needed a reliable system in place to keep their promise of high-quality service to their customers.

Route efficiency is critical. Fleet Complete platform helps Yummy Catering manage 22 drivers in the field with multi-leg route composition, last-minute client requests, and turn-by-turn navigation in unexpected difficulty on the road. The office coordinators can communicate to the customers the exact delivery time, or assist drivers in cases of emergency.
Easy dispatch, happy kids – every day!

“Yummy Catering is an innovative company, so we like our partners to be innovative with us. We look for new technology, new trends, and what can assist us in our daily operations. Fleet Complete provides us with the technology needed and the innovation that assists our drivers on a daily basis​”

Leno Cardoso


  • Daily food delivery to daycare centres

  • On-time delivery is critical

  • 22 drivers in the field every morning

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