The Ultimate Fleet Management Bundle

Track and manage it all from one single platform



Start reducing your fleet running cost and winning more business

with Fleet Complete’s Ultimate Bundle

for only $47

per month per truck

Bundle includes:

  • GPS Fleet Tracking with driver behavior dashboard

  • Engine data integration with engine error code reporting

  • Video telematics including dashcam

  • Choice of: Task Tracker or DVIR Inspect App

Key features:

  • Runs on AT&T’s LTE network
  • Provides reports and video footage of driving violations, such as speeding, tailgating, lane drifting, hard cornering and braking
  • Only records video when violation is detected, not infringing on your driver’s privacy
  • Sends alerts of minor and major engine errors to help minimize downtime associated with critical breakdowns

Available in US only.


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“We would sometimes receive calls, telling us that our trucks were speeding on the interstate highway, and we felt the need to increase worker accountability with regards to bad driving habits. We wanted to know that our employees are honest, and that they are, where they say they are,”

Shweta Hardy,

Office Manager at Parrotta Paving

Complete your fleet management toolbox with ELD-compliant BigRoad app

for additional $7

per month per truck

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“Within the Fleet Complete solution, we have up-to-date information on every driver in our fleet. We can tell how many hours they’ve been on duty today, how many hours they have left remaining in the week. We can find any truck at any given moment,”

Paul Hamilton,

Director of Transportation at California Freight

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KLX energy

“Our business structure involves lending expensive equipment to customers, and requires an element of trust that our assets are safe and sound. We pay anywhere between $10,000 – $200,000 for each of our rental units, so Fleet Complete really helps keep things efficient.”

Chad Jackson,

HSE Director at KLX Energy

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