Fleet Complete is ringing in the New Year with an exciting new partnership with SEG Racing Academy, helping provide a brighter, healthier future for cycling as a sport.

Jan 18, 2018 – Toronto – SEG Racing Academy is a forward-thinking, progressive organisation, dedicated to shaping the future of cycling by embracing innovative technology, adopting a 100% clean approach to the sport, and providing the right education to Europe’s most promising young riders.

Working together with Fleet Complete will give SEG Racing Academy access to a powerful IoT platform that will help refine and advance the cycling world as well as the bike industry. The Academy plans to implement Fleet Complete’s world-class product offerings in its daily business operations to track performance and utilise cutting-edge data analytics for optimal insights into the sport and its development.

Keenly focused on innovation and improving safety in mobility around the world, Fleet Complete is committed to supporting SEG’s vision for the future of cycling – one that strives for talent development, product evolution and a healthy environment for its participants.

“Fleet Complete is thrilled to be supporting future world-class cyclists through our sponsorship of SEG Racing Academy. Innovation and the pursuit of excellence are in our DNA, which makes our partnership with SEG Racing Academy a natural fit. It will provide the development program with the necessary tools that will help accelerate change in the sport in a safe way,” said Tony Lourakis, CEO of Fleet Complete.

Echoing this motivation, the Academy’s Manager Bart van Haaren has also expressed his enthusiasm about the opportunity to work with a partner like Fleet Complete to usher a new era of cycling.

“This partnership is a great chance to pool our resources together to create a brighter, healthier future for cycling,” said van Haaren. “Our team is also looking forward to collaborating with Fleet Complete in developing a plan for maintaining healthy and active life habits for their employees and partners.”

SEG Racing Academy has already made significant strides since its inception in providing an avant-guard program to its members. It comprises individual training, team training camps, guidance in the physical, technical, mental, and nutritional development, and other tools and facilities for personal betterment.

Sjors Dekruijf, Fleet Complete’s VP of Sales in Europe, believes that newer technology will help propel the success of the program further. “Organisations like SEG Racing Academy are vital to the progress of their industry, and access to modern technologies is something we can help with to accelerate that progress. Our company’s long-standing mission is to aid companies around the globe in improving their operations with IoT technologies, particularly involving mobility and vehicles. We cannot wait to see the results of this collaboration.”


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Sjors Dekruijf, VP, Sales EU

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