GPS tracker from Fleet Complete

The only GPS tracking system you need to secure vehicles, tools and equipment.

Fleet Complete makes fleet and asset management easy – by providing you with business-critical information in real time, wherever you are.

Fleet  and Asset Tracking Software

Why choose GPS tracker from Fleet Complete?

GPS tracker from Fleet Complete helps you maximize efficiency and reduce operating costs – all from one screen.


23 years

As a global telematics leader, we know what it takes to be the best supplier on the market.

650,000+ users

Hundreds of thousands of users trust us to track, protect, and optimize use of their assets.


Significant savings

From recovering stolen equipment to increasing fleet productivity, you can count on a significant return of investment from day one.

GPS tracking solutions to match your needs

Versatile tracking devices to suit your business needs – and a flexible online platform to manage them all.

GPS tracker

Cars and fleets

Ideal for businesses with fleets of all sizes, our GPS tracker does a lot more than track your cars’ location. It measures and analyzes key performance data on a unified, easy-to-use Fleet Management platform to help you cut costs, increase productivity, and improve customer service.

Asset tracker

Assets, tools and equipment

A popular choice among businesses, our AT1 Asset Tracker protects your valuable assets – trailers, containers, tools or equipment – from theft or unauthorized use. If an asset is moved outside the specified location or time frame, you will be notified and can watch it move on a live map from your Fleet Management platform!

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