GPS Asset Tracker

Small, compact and cost-effective, our GPS Asset Tracker Solution is suited for any industry, helping keep track of your equipment, machinery and tools.

Protect your equipment, machinery and tools with our cost-effective, compact, long-lasting GPS Asset Trackers.

One of the smallest and most cost-effective equipment trackers on the market,  AT1 Device (our GPS Asset Tracker Solution)  provides you an unparalleled competitive insight over your high-value assets in the field. Locate and check the status of machinery, equipment, tools and toolboxes, and more, all from your smartphone or computer.

Make sure your assets are safe and ready to work! Motion detection helps you detect any unwarranted movement, after-hours use, or theft:

  • Get alerted to temperature spikes
  • Get alerted when doors being open or closed
  • Get alerted when disconnection from the power source or any other event that can compromise your equipment

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Asset Location

Get daily reports on asset location to ensure that your equipment is exactly where it is supposed to be.



This Internet of Things solution which relies on the network, Narrowband IoT (ΝΒ-ΙοΤ).




Long Battery Life

Great autonomy since the device does not need to be recharged.

You can be sure that you have one of the smartest solutions for equipment control on the market.



Ensure your onsite heavy-duty equipment is well monitored and is always where it needs to be.

Our robust asset tracking solution provides real-time status and movement updates and helps protect the integrity of your stored contents.

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