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Fon Anlegg AS is a construction company in Norway with more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. With most of their employees working out in the field, they perform everything from excavation, drainage, paving, demolition, road-, water- and sewage work

Increased turnover to over 100 million

Like most construction companies, Fon Anlegg was in need of increasing fleet control and documentation of the use of commercial vehicles in the business, and also needed a GPS tracking system with a fleet management solution that could help them optimize the use of the entire fleet. Fleet Complete got the assignment and we are currently delivering electronic driving books to Fon Anlegg’s 21 vans.

In 2019, the company delivered a turnover of as much as NOK 112 million. The choice of Fleet Complete vehicle tracker and fleet management system is an important part of the initiatives that have created more efficient working days where driving journals no longer take time for employees, as the trips are automatically and correctly documented to the local tax authorities, via market-leading GPS tracking technology

Fon Anlegg

With 600,000 customers, majority of them being construction companies, the team at Fleet Complete will be happy to help your business get started with fleet management.

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“Today Fon Anlegg has vehicle trackers on our 21 vans – the GPS system works well. Fleet Complete gives us a brilliant service and we can safely recommend Fleet Complete vehicle tracking system.”

Jarle Hillestad

  • 21 vans
  • Full fleet overview
  • The revenue is now 112 million a year
  • Fast response time and control of the fleet

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