Finding Your Way: A Guide to Saving with Telematics

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Fuel has a big impact on the annual running costs of a fleet. With the right tools, such costs can be dramatically reduced.

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Blog: 5 Ways to Reduce Fleet Fuel Consumption

Today we are talking about saving. Less fuel consumption does not only mean being environmentally friendly – fuel economy also saves money.There are several ways to reducing your fuel consumption.

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Blog:3 Ways to Reduce Idling in Your Fleet

Telematics can help you manage your fleet more reliably and efficiently. It’s much easier for managers to track fuel usage and idling in real-time—and to collect data for use in preventative training programs that help drivers minimize their idle times.

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Blog: 5 Tips on Green Driving & Your Costs Savings

What is Green Driving & why should i care? Read our blog to find out the answers and also get some advice and tips on how to go green and how to work towards a greener fleet.

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J.R. Company saved a significant amount on fuel since incorporating the Fleet Tracker

“Our fleet drives about 26,000 kilometers in total per day, putting our fuel costs at approximately 3,500 euros daily. Thanks to the Fleet Tracker, we save between 300 to 400 euros a day, annually reducing our fuel cost by 10% – which amounts to savings of up to 90,000 euros a year.”

Günter Flicker, Fuhrparkleitung J.R. Company

Read the J.R.Company Case Study Here 

Fleet Complete MGS030 GPS track temperature
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Start Saving With Telematics

Fuel consumption is a major expense in fleet management, and time spent idling is costing you money. By connecting to Fleet Complete platform, you have complete visibility into trends on fuel usage as well as access to critical engine data for proactive vehicle maintenance.

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