COSMOTE Asset Tracker: the first remote business equipment management solution via the NB-IoT network

For full control of corporate assets, such as: generators, containers, trailers, greenhouses, cranes, etc.

Through the COSMOTE NB-IoT network, with nationwide coverage

(July 2nd, 2020 – Athens, Greece)

With the introduction of the new COSMOTE Asset Tracker service which is giving businesses the ability to monitor their equipment remotely through the Internet of things (IoT), COSMOTE is introducing another collaboration with the international provider Fleet Complete, which specializes in corporate asset management services.

The service is directed at all companies wishing to remotely monitor high-value fixed assets such as machinery, generators, containers, trailers, cranes or other equipment around the clock, seven days a week, as well as being informed of the environmental conditions affecting greenhouses or storage facilities through the Internet.

Utilising the capabilities and the nationwide coverage of the COSMOTE NarrowBand Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network, the COSMOTE Asset Tracker service is giving professionals the ability to:

  • control and monitor the position of their assets
  • be informed of environmental conditions, such as: temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and exposure to sunlight
  • more effectively protect their businesses’ assets from any damage or unauthorized use

Another significant advantage of the service is that thanks to the COSMOTE NB-IoT network it has very low power consumption, giving high battery autonomy to the sensors that are mounted onto the fixed assets (at least two years of life, without any interim charging). In this way, businesses can reduce their operating costs, but also limit their environmental footprint, thus contributing to the global environmental protection initiative.    

The service’s operation requires the attachment of GPS devices with built-in sensors. The devices are small in size and are easy to install. The management of the company’s assets is carried out remotely through an application for portable devices (e.g., a smartphone or tablet) or a specialist online portal for computers.

The COSMOTE Asset Tracker service is being made available for €11.78 per month[1] with a 24-month contract commitment. The package includes the relevant equipment, the connectivity to the COSMOTE NB-IoT network and the required data consumption for the use of the service.

More information about the service is available here.

Nationwide coverage by the COSMOTE NB-IoT network

COSMOTE is investing heavily in expanding its NB-IoT network, offering the largest coverage of the population in Greece that reaches 97%.

The NB-IoT technology requires a small volume of data for the device interface (e.g., sensors, meters, trackers) through the mobile network, thus drastically reducing the consumption of energy and data and giving impetus to a wide range of new applications. At the same time, it is offering coverage everywhere -even in basements-, security in data traffic and a low cost of use.

COSMOTE is investing dynamically in new-generation networks and is constantly enriching its IoT portfolio of services, offering advanced technology solutions that enhance entrepreneurship and bolster sustainable development, creating significant benefits for the economy, for society and the environment.

[1]24% VAT is included. The mobile telephony subscribers’ fee is not charged.

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