COSMOTE Fleet Tracker: New IoT fleet management solution for fleets and connected vehicles

– In partnership with Fleet Complete, the leading global provider of mission-critical connected technologies for fleet, assets and mobile workforce based businesses

– For full control of your fleet, in real time, through an all-in-one IoT platform

– Supporting businesses through a team of professional consultants for integrating the service into their IT systems

July 2, 2019, Toronto – COSMOTE partners with Fleet Complete, a leading global provider of connected vehicles, and offers the new solution COSMOTE Fleet Tracker, a complete fleet management solution based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

The new solution covers fleets of all sizes, in any industry and vehicle type. With its advanced real-time interface capabilities, COSMOTE Fleet Tracker helps businesses increase productivity and reduce operating costs, while enhancing drivers’ safety and vehicle security.

Addressing corporate needs for smart IoT solutions, helping them adapt to the modern digital era, COSMOTE continues to enrich its IoT solutions. In partnership with Fleet Complete, we bring a new advanced service for fleet management, that can provide data in real time related to the location, fleet’s performance and driving behaviour, enhancing productivity”, says Thanos Falagas, Director of Enterprise & Business Marketing of OTE Corporation.

We are thrilled about our partnership with COSMOTE, as it represents a significant milestone for Fleet Complete in its European market penetration,” says Tony Lourakis, founder and CEO of Fleet Complete. “The Greek market is brimming with opportunities in the commercial fleet sector. By partnering with the largest telecommunication provider in Greece, we will be able to address local market needs and bring the widest scope of solutions for connected commercial vehicles.

How COSMOTE Fleet Tracker service works

By installing telematics devices into the corporate fleet, the new service COSMOTE Fleet Tracker enables entrepreneurs to monitor the position of their corporate vehicles in real time, route, trip duration and fuel consumption levels. In addition, it provides data on vehicle status, such as engine operation and mechanical parts, or even battery voltage. The COSMOTE Fleet Tracker platform also records driving behaviour (speed limits, harsh breaking and rapid acceleration), helping to adopt a more environmentally friendly way of driving. Moreover, the service automatically sends alerts in case of an accident or emergency.

COSMOTE, in partnership with Fleet Complete, has a dedicated team of sales consultants offering specialized solutions for IT integrations according to each company’s needs.

COSMOTE Fleet Tracker service is provided through three solutions – Basic, Standard and Advanced – to meet the company’s specific requirements. The service is provided with free roaming for EU and non-EU countries.

For more information about the service, click here.

More about Fleet Complete

Fleet Complete® is a leading global provider of connected vehicle technology, delivering mission-critical fleet, asset and mobile workforce management solutions. The company is servicing close to 500,000 subscribers and over 35,000 businesses in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It maintains omni-channel partnerships and distribution with AT&T in the U.S., TELUS in Canada, Telstra in Australia, and Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile) in multiple European countries. Fleet Complete is one of the fastest-growing companies globally, having won numerous awards for innovation and growth. For more information, please visit

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