Located just outside of Sydney, CarPass provide rental vehicles to Uber drivers and other ride sharing companies. With almost 200 cars across New South Wales, visibility of their fleet is critical. Not only does Fleet Complete provide the real-time data to ensure drivers are safe at all times, but the ability to proactively manage maintenance, ensure vehicles are protected and allows competitive pricing in the market, thanks to data backed information shared with CarPass’ insurance.

We own the assets, so it was really important to us that we knew at any time of the day where our assets were. The other really important part of our business is being proactive with our servicing, so for us, we’re not waiting for our customers to tell us when they need servicing, we can be proactive on top of that”.

Marcus Liew,

Managing Director


  • Nearly 200 vehicles across New South Wales
  • Complete fleet visibility
  • Proactive vehicle maintenance
  • Safe drivers
  • Reduced insurance premiums
  • Using Fleet Complete since 2018

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