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Learn how to save time, money, and drive efficiency by introducing telematics to your business!

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Companies look to GPS Insight to solve part of their business challenges which may include safety, fleet visibility, and inefficiencies. Telematics gives businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles unique insight to their vehicles and drivers and solve many of their challenges.



increase in productivity


20-30 min

per day of driver labor savings


reduction in fuel expenses

Who is this for?

Any business looking to save time and find efficiencies in organizing and managing vehicles, assets, or equipment. Telematics solutions benefit businesses of any size – from an owner-operator to an enterprise. Business owners, operators, and managers can streamline operations, save money and get results.

Fleet Complete’s Solutions

  • Fleet management :GPS solution for monitoring and optimizing your fleet performance. Smarter fleet at your fingertips.

  • Asset Management: Track and locate your business assets anywhere at any time.

If you’re exploring a telematics partner that is sensitive to your business needs and objectives, reach out to our team at Fleet Complete. We can collaborate on how our telematics solution can help you generate the fastest and highest ROI.

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Fleet Complete makes fleet and asset management easy – by providing you with business-critical information in real time, wherever you are!

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Telematics translates to:

  • Creating a safer work environment for drivers
  • Making operations more efficient and easing frustration
  • Reducing costs to put savings back into the business
  • Solving difficult business challenges with data
  • Rewards and recognition for safe driving

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