How we helped ABB Company in Lithuania facilitate its fleet management and save costs

ABB started operations in Lithuania in 1992 and currently employs about 80 professionals. The company supplies its customers with a full range of products, installs electrification and automation solutions and provides after-sales service. Thus, a large part of its employees have to travel a lot in Lithuania. And they drive company cars.

The Fleet Complete solution helps with car sharing

The car sharing issue became pressing several years ago, when a number of employees in the automation and robotics business rapidly grew from two to 15. The new problem was how to organize smooth car sharing. As a technology leader, the company decided to look for an innovative solution for this situation.

Fleet management has been made easier

The Fleet Complete solution has both facilitated fleet management and improved capabilities for employee monitoring: the manager can always know where everybody is at the moment.

The system is very easy to use: employees can enjoy the simplicity of car sharing, and fleet management has become much easier. Previously, mileage was recorded only on GPS and the data weren’t always accurate; now we can get very accurate mileage and fuel consumption information from the car itself, so we can make reports immediately without being in need for anyone sitting and counting checks, ” told Mr. Andrey Volynkin, the ABB’s Supply Manager. Mr. Volynkin also admits that the customized car sharing service also has an unexpected saving effect. The company has leased its cars and payments depend on mileage.
And one more aspect: if an employee was driving above the speed limit, there were serious difficulties trying to remember who was behind the wheel at the time when the fine ticket arrived six months later. The problem no longer exists as now it is very simple to trace the offender. Who knows, maybe this kind of awareness and warning will prevent the temptation to push the accelerator harder, and will even help avoid an accident.
“The car sharing system by Fleet Complete ensures that any employee who needs a corporate car can reserve any car, available at that time, on their smart phone or computer, drive to a client, and, after returning, pass the car to their colleagues” Raimondas Laurelis, Fleet Complete Sales Manager.

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“The employees are really glad to work with the system because it is convenient and easy to use. He would recommend this Fleet Complete solution to any company whose employees have to share even a few cars” Andrey Volynkin ABB’s Supply Manager, Lithuania & Latvia


“We looked at the options available on the market at that time and saw that the only convenient and suitable solution for us was Fleet Complete.”

Andrey Volynkin ABB’s Supply Manager

  • ABB improved its capabilities for employee monitoring
  • Full fleet overview
  • Employees can cooperate & enjoy the simplicity of car sharing
  • Effectively managed leasing payments and saved costs

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